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Real Estate Compliance

Are your Agents and Managers up to date on the latest laws, rules and regulations? Can you prove to the regulators that you train and educate your agents?

Helping Your Company Ensure Compliance and Avoid Errors and Penalties

The CoachSimple Legacy Coaching Module helps empower your senior executives to identify their purpose, take actions to impact the world and share their extensive knowledge and wisdom with the next generation in your organization. This module is focused on C-level Executives, Boards of Directors, Presidents and Vice Presidents looking to leave their mark in the organization and in the world.

  • Identify "Purpose" and Staying Focused on the Big Picture
  • Address the Challenges and Obstacles in Both Professional and Personal Life
  • Improve Their Leadership and Engagement in the Organization
  • Focus on Making a Impact at Work and In the Community
  • Establish Short, Medium and Long Term Goals and Build a Roadmap to Achieve Them