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Business Goal Planning Module

You wouldn't attempt to drive across the country without a navigation system, but far too often, sales professionals attempt to reach their sales goals without a clear plan or periodic course adjustments. In order to reach maximum productivity, it is critical that you establish a practice of goal setting, business planning and check-ins throughout the year.

Powerful Goal Setting and Business Planning

With the CoachSimple Business Goal Planning Module, automating your unique Business Goal Planning process has never been easier and more comprehensive. Start off the year with focus and clarity by completing the business planning and commission calculator worksheet. Establish monthly focuses to energize your sales team and get them thinking out of the box. Check-in quarterly, monthly and even weekly to monitor progress and make minor course adjustments.

  • Annual Business Planning Worksheet and Commission Goal Calculator
  • Monthly Focused Modules with High Impact Follow-up Activities
  • Sales Data with Comparisons to Goal and Prior Quarters
  • Coaching Based Discussions with Sales Managers
  • Automated Leaderboards for Sales Contests and Gamification