Life and Business Coaching Software

Manager/Agent Engagement

Focusing solely on your agents means potentially missing a huge opportunity for growth and success. Your managers and executives interact with your entire organization on a daily basis. But, is their purpose consistent with your organization's goals and mission? What would it look like if all of your managers and executives were operating at peak performance while nurturing and effective interacting with your agents?

Build a Healthier and More Effective Organization

With the CoachSimple Leadership Coaching Module, we help promote a coaching culture within your managers and executives. Whether you want to setup a simple coaching or mentoring infrastructure and document results, or incorporate more advanced coaching practices into your onboarding, learning and goal setting process, our Leadership Coaching module provides the structure and flexibility to take your managers and executives to the next level.

  • Provide a Consistent Coaching Structure for Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Document Coaching Notes and Follow-up Action Items in a Single Place
  • Identify Challenges and Effective Solutions with Your Leaders
  • Incorporate Departmental Data and Recruiting Results on Check-ins and Worksheets
  • Automatically Generate E-mail Reminders For Coaching Sessions and Tasks Due
  • Access Coaching Programs From any Browser, Tablet or Mobile Device