Life and Business Coaching Software

Learning Module

There is a big difference between required trainings and tailored learning opportunities, which can result in a difference between minimal knowledge retention and complete market domination. You already have unique industry knowledge, content, videos, resources and materials, but are you nurturing professionals to master best practices?

Effective Learning

The CoachSimple Learning Module helps you tailor and automate knowledge exchange and best practices. Effectively positioning managers as both educators and coaches ensures the highest possible knowledge transfer, engagement and retention.

  • Combine Learning Based Content, Videos and Documents into Easy-to-Follow Training Programs
  • Provide Tools for Managers to Engage in Meaningful Discussions with Professionals
  • Generate and Automate Self-Guided Learning Programs
  • Incorporate Follow-up Actions and Access to a Resource Library for Retention
  • Deliver Your Learning Materials via Mobile, Tablet or Web Browser