Business Coaching Software

Sales Activity and Success Habits

Every serious competitor knows that to be the best requires a high level of discipline. The best athletes in the world have talent, but work HARDER than their teammates. They run more laps, do more reps, stay in the gym longer and do all the little things that aren't always fun but result in big rewards on game day. The same level of discipline is found in the most successful sales professionals.

Doing the Work Needed to be Successful

With the CoachSimple Sales Habits and Activity Tracking Module, establishing daily sales activity goals and monitoring results has never been easier. After completing a business plan, it becomes clear how many calls, appointments, proposals and contracts a sales professional needs to reach their goal. Checking in daily and staying accountable to these targets is critical to reaching the highest level of success possible.

  • Set Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sales Activity Targets
  • Check-in Daily to Easily Log Sales Activity and Results
  • Enter Numbers and View Reports in a Web Browser or Mobile Device
  • Compare Sales Activity Numbers with Goals and Targets
  • Generate Leaderboards to Motivate and Support Sales Contests