Life and Business Coaching Software

Sales and Business Coaching Module

Far too often, managing professionals is a reactive process, generally looking in the rear view mirror at their prior results and then pressuring them to "do better", "try harder" or simply "close more deals". It is been determined that sales professionals have 88% higher performance when being coached for more than 3 hours per month, but sales coaches spend less than 5% of of their time coaching. This needs to be changed.

It's Time to Create a Coaching Culture

With the CoachSimple Sales and Business Coaching Module, we help promote a coaching culture within your organization. Whether you want to setup a simple coaching or mentoring infrastructure and document results, or incorporate more advanced coaching practices into your onboarding, learning and goal setting process, our coaching module provides the structure and flexibility to take your organization to the next level.

  • Provide a Consistent Coaching Structure for One-on-One Coaching, Mentoring or Group Coaching
  • Document Coaching Notes and Follow-up Action Items in a Single Place
  • Distribute Pre-Coaching Session Worksheets and Resources to Participants
  • Incorporate Sales and Activity Data on Coaching Check-in Worksheets
  • Automatically Generate E-mail Reminders For Coaching Sessions and Tasks Due
  • Access Coaching Programs From any Browser, Tablet or Mobile Device